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On Holy Prayer – Shared thoughts with ArchBishop Michael Ramsey

From Arch Bishop Ramsey’s Book “Be Still and Know…” the following words of wisdom are offered by that great divine:

  • To be with God wondering, that is adoration.
  • To be with God gratefully, that is thanksgiving.
  • To be with God ashamed, that is contrition.
  • To be with God with others on the heart, that is intercession.
  • The secret is the quest of God’s presence: “Thy face Lord will I seek.”


What do crawfish, Storyville Stompers and Red have in common?

Palm3It is Palm Sunday and at St. Anna’s that is special. Our parade permit is approved. Crawfish have been ordered. The Red Cope awaits a procession. This is THE IDEAL introduction to St. Anna’s. It is a must for our Christian understanding as it interplays the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with the sorrowful crucifixion event. And yes, we have a crawfish boil after mass. Parking may be hard to find because the parking lot is where the boil takes place. Also there is a road race that day so leave early. Park on either side of Esplanade and walk to church. There is often ample parking under the I-10 elevated expressway on N. Claiborne. Come one come all.

Adult Christian Education: Be Still and Know (Lent); Women in Scripture

Be Still and Know: A Study in the Life of Prayer. Written by Arch Bishop Michael Ramsey will be the guiding text and subject of this vital study in the life of prayer. This teaching will be based on 2 chapters of the text per week for a period of six to seven weeks of study. This program will start March 5 following Ash Wednesday Services. As a Lenten Teaching series we will meet each Wednesday in Lent. The class will (more…)