“I don’t have insurance.  I didn’t know where else to go to see a doctor.” 

St. Anna’s Medical Mission (SAMM) provides free medical outreach including health screenings, health care services, ear acupuncture, health education, Medicaid application assistance, behavioral health counseling, and referrals.  Our clients represent a picture of deep economic, cultural and racial diversity, and include a high number of people who are working class, low-income, self-employed,  uninsured, or otherwise have unmet medical needs.


“My blood pressure was so high that I could have had a stroke.  I felt like if I went to the hospital they would have just given me pills and sent me on my way.” 

SAMM client

    Started as a mobile program in the wake of Hurricane Katrina we traveled throughout the Greater New Orleans Region providing care.  We now focus on the medically under-served population – those without health insurance, with unaffordable insurance deductibles and co-pays, and those without a routine source of healthcare – especially in the Treme/ 7th Ward/ Lafitte neighborhoods around our church.  Research shows this area as having:

  • A life expectancy 20 years less than communities 2 miles away
  • A high rate of disease and death related to cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes
  • High utilization of the Emergency Room, both for non-emergent issues and for chronic disease management

“Thank you for not treating me as an outsider.” 

2011 LA Spirit Fair- -St     Health education and health literacy is low in this area and there is a level of historic mistrust of the medical community. We reach a population otherwise without access to healthcare. By consistently being available, providing services with respect and dignity, we earn trust, can educate and empower our clients to become more active in their own healthcare and provide referral services to community based clinics and services.




We thank our 2014 Grantors:

The Philanthropic Trust                                         St. Francis Church, Stamford CT

Keller Family FoundationN.O. City Council

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