Legal Clinic: Estate Planning, Wills and Testaments

Legal Clinic: Estate Planning, Wills and Testaments

Saturday, June 3RD at 1:30 p.m.& June 11th after Mass

Bullock & Ham, A PLC

 THE FIRST CLINIC IS SET FOR JUNE 3RD at 1:30 p.m. in the church Parish Hall. Refreshments will be provided. PLEASE R.S.V.P. on the signup sheet found in the Parish Hall.  This will help the attorneys to prepare for the clinic.  Nonetheless, last minute walk-ins are welcome.

End of life issues are something that most people tend to avoid. Yet, it will happen to us all. When such times are upon us how we handle our estate and our last wishes can be done with good order or it can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties. While it is true that in Louisiana a simple hand written “Will” is usually legal, often important features are omitted by neglect or simply by not knowing the complexities of what the law provides.

As a priest I have seen estates and final wishes galvanize a family so that a celebration of life and family grieving can take place in a healthy and dignified way. I have also seen end of life issues eat at families and cause discord, disquietude, and anxiety. I strongly suggest that both young and old who have not updated their final plans or who have been putting them off consider attending this clinic and taking advantage of what it offers.

We are grateful for this opportunity to offer our faith community good, solid, effective planning. (If there are other law firms or notaries who wish to participate and are members of our church family you are cordially invited to offer your services and Messrs Bullock and Ham will be happy to coordinate efforts.)

This first session (6/3/17) will be an instructional presentation only.  On June 11th, after Mass., volunteer attorneys and staff will be available to actually help you prepare these documents at the Church.

If you have any questions you may call the office and we will do our best to assist you.

If there are any volunteers prepared to host a nursery or child care space during the Practice Clinic on June 11th, after Mass, please contact Fr. Bill to make such arrangements.

Attorneys will be available to explain:

  1. Why make a will; what you can do with a will; and what you cannot.
  2. Why trusts for children or other dependents, including the elderly, are helpful in providing for those who may not be able to provide for themselves;
  3. Estate planning and gifting for charitable purposes;
  4. Provisions for custody of minors in case of death of both parents (tutorship by will);
  5. Designation of disposition of remains (providing for who buries you);
  6. Pet trusts (to provide for pets after a loved ones passing)
  7. Medicare/Medicaid planning;
  8. Durable Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney and Living Wills.
  9. Pre-planning your funeral

The clinic is free to the public and you are welcome to bring friends and family to the clinic.

The following weekend, June 11, after Mass, an actual practice clinic will occur in the Parish Hall where volunteer attorneys and notaries will be present to help you prepare any of the documents discussed at the presentation.

On June 11th, simple wills and other legal documents discussed at the presentation will be prepared at the Parish Hall and are free to members of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church and to nonmembers where the will contain a charitable bequest to St. Anna’s or one of its missions.  Discounted fees will be charged for others requesting assistance.  Donation to St. Anna’s are appreciated at that time and any charges by the attorneys will be donated to St. Anna’s Episcopal Church and/or its missions.

If a will or other legal document is too complicated to complete on site, an appointment will be made with the attorneys to complete your documents.

If you cannot be at the practice clinic or do not wish to discuss your situation there, a separate appointment can be made with the volunteer attorneys.   Contact information for the attorneys will be available at the clinics or through the Parish Offices.

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