St. Anna's News

Taize returns to St. Anna’s September and November

CANDLESTaize is a form of worship that originated in France. The focus is on ecumenical worship that is reflective and contemplative. St. Anna’s is blessed to once again offer this deep and powerful experience in collaboration with Music Director Greg Tanner. Greg has led such services at St. Anna’s, St. Martin’s, and various retreats throughout the Diocese. Please join on Wednesday Septemb3er 24th and November 19th at 6:00 p.m. for this time of reflection, refreshment, and renewal.

Prayer begins with listening to the divine voice, the voice that calls all creation into being, the voice which is life itself. “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” Russell L. Bennet

Planning a Christian Funeral: Unspoken Conversations

How can one have an “unspoken conversation”? There are subjects that from time to time we think but dare not discuss because they are seen as dark, not happy, or are simply taboo in this confusing world. One of those subjects is about death and dying. In the 21st century we are (more…)

Inquirer’s (Confirmation) Classes. Start September 21st.

INQUIRER’S CLASSES: For those new to the Episcopal Church this gives a great opportunity to ask, “Why do we do what we do?” This class is a survey of the History of the Episcopal Church, its historic heritage and roots; it is a survey of the contemporary church in the world and how does it look. You will review the Catechism of the Episcopal Church, discuss “Real Presence” in Eucharist; you will review the Seven Sacraments; you will come to know how we govern ourselves and learn about the empowerment of the people. Classes are generally 1 hour long. The class will start on September 21st at 9:00 a.m. and last for six consecutive Sundays. It will culminate in your option to become Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church by Rt. Rev. Morris Thomspons, XI Bishop of Lousisiana on October 26th. PLEASE SIGN UP SO THAT MATERIALS CAN BE READY FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS.

Building the Body of Christ

NOW FORMING- Signup sheets are in the Parish Hall.

St. Anna’s Men’s Club: Will meet once a month to start. Lay led ministry. Cocktails, foods, and conversations are the order of the day for this group. From time to time this Club will invite guest speakers, plan church projects, and generally help build community amongst the Gentlemen of the Church.

The Episcopal Church Women: Will become the counter part to the Men’s Club. It will gather perhaps once a month, be lay led, invite guest speakers, and enjoy beverages and food together. Perhaps a “game night” or perhaps a book club review might be had. Unlike the Men’s Club this is part of a national organization. Opportunities to meet with women throughout the Diocese of Louisiana and the nation are a part of this organization.

The Foyers Group (REVISED FOR CLARITY): is like a “supper club.” In New Orleans is there a better way to get to know people than over a meal? The group will be clustered into groups of 4-6 people  depending on who signs up. Each household will host a dinner for the members of their assigned group. The only rules are you can’t host your meal at a restaurant. Other than that anywhere is fine – maybe an evening picnic in the park – it’s up to you. But this is a great way to get to know one another in a deeper more meaningful way. So, young and old, new and seasoned lets get to singing up. The dinners will start in the Fall.

Parishioner Portraits Coming Soon

You may have noticed that our St. Anna’s Family is growing, and just like any growing family, it’s time to take pictures!  Many of us know each others’ names or faces, so we thought it would be good to put faces and names together for a display in the Parish Hall.  One of New Orleans’ prominent wedding and lifestyle photographers, Amy Jett, has graciously given her time to come do professional portraits for members of St. Anna’s after mass on Sunday September 28th and Sunday October 26th.  She will set up in the courtyard–weather permitting–to make it convenient to capture our smiling faces, so mark those dates on your calendar and be sure to come wearing your Sunday Best.  We picked those dates to avoid noon kickoffs, so there should be no scheduling conflicts with our beloved football Saints!  Amy will offer great prices on prints to purchase through her website so you can plan to give photographic portraits as family gifts this year for Christmas.  Of course, she would be happy to discuss her prices for more extensive photo sessions for your family or next big event. To view a sample of Amy’s beautiful work, feel free to look up her website: