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Annual Parish Meeting Results

The Annual Parish Meeting of St. Anna’s was held on Sunday November 22nd. A quorum was present. Reports of the good works of mission were given by Diana Meyers and Darryl Durham. Budgets were presented by Treasurers Gottschalk and McMillan. The gist of that is that the Mission budget needs financial support desperately. The General Fund budget while balanced is also equally tight. If one has not yet pledged please do so. If you are looking for year end giving opportunities think of Anna’s Place NOLA.

We, by acclamation, elected three new members to the Vestry:  Celeste Gilbert, Jim McMillan, and Stephen Estrada.

A big thanks for their service goes to Danette Brown and retiring Sr. Warden Karen Judge.

Our pledge goal is $271,200 representing more than 70 pledging units.

To date we have $214,870 in pledges representing 59 pledging units.

Vignette II

Definition of VIGNETTE

1:  a running ornament (as of vine leaves, tendrils, and grapes) put on or just before a title page or at the beginning or end of a chapter; also :  a small decorative design or picture so placed

What ornamentation might we imagine in our lives? If our lives are indeed the stuff of novels and stories then what are the ornaments of those stories? For this series of short stories our Vignette might be something dark – perhaps a gargoyle atop weathered stone backlit by a bolt of lightning. It creates a sense of foreboding-that is the prologue (last issue). Yet, the prologue is not a book is it? We have gleaned a new chapter or two and the adornment of these chapters remind us of the great Cathedrals of Europe rising to touch the heavens. Wondrous in design and craftsmanship they speak to the heart about what greatness can be found. Our first vignette is perhaps simply a flower growing out of stone work with a shaft of light shining upon it.


Anna’s Place – what is it?

000For too many years St. Anna’s has been “the Murder Board Church.” We still continue this work. What can we do to break cycles of violence, poverty that leads to violence, and disenfranchisement that sets the stage for violence? Over the past several years St. Anna’s has supported two valued missions that are now combined to create Anna’s Place NOLA. This very important mission is a result of the sadness and longing that a “Murder Board” engenders. This ministry seeks to break cycles of violence and it desperately needs support. Attached to this post is a brief summary that begins to tell the story. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT PRAY AND THEN READ IT and if you can help us to build a massive consensus of support – both prayer support and financial support. This program will save lives.

Anna’s Place Abbreviated Summary

ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: The Light Will Shine: A Study for Advent

art20advent204bThe Light Will Shine: A Study for Advent classes start this Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. a regular class schedule will be decided upon thereafter. If you are still interested in joining us come to class and we will be happy to have you. Text books are in and may be picked up at the office. This study will focus on Advent and retrieving the season of expectation. If you join us Thursday evening please bring a snack to share.